Let's play a game together!

Meet the user-friendly app designed to help you find people and sport facilities, and let it set everything up for you in a couple of seconds.

PLADDO reinvents:

Sport experience Matching people Booking facilities
Two boys are playing basketball

Let Pladdo find the sports and games for you. Go and play.

Life is busy. Stop wasting time, money and energy trying to stay active. We came across many ideas and solutions and nothing worked out. So we rolled up our sleeves and began building our own concept.

Join us and sing up for the beta. Within seconds of downloading PLADDDO you’ll be set up to play your first game.

Coaching board
Two mobile phones with tennis rackets on screen

Game plan

Every team needs to make up a robust strategy to overcome obstacles and pave the path for a long-run success.

Based on our own experience and after conducting profound research, we decided to answer 3 key questions:

  1. How to quickly match people with similar interest?
  2. How to find a sport facility in a blink of an eye?
  3. How to make payments as painless as possible?
Our solution

Key features

Two friends give high five

We know our players

PLADDO knows user’s sport preferences, availability and favourite locations. Thus matching people is seamless and takes a blink of an eye to get on the court.

Lady in front of the blackboard

Book it with ease

Finding available and in-budget sport facilities is always hard, but we make it easier than ever. Our algorithms connect you with best-matching places and their owners with no hassle.

Credit cards and mobile phone

Painless payments

No more cash and splitting bills. You know all the fees upfront and after the game our app will calculate the total cost and divide it among all participants.

Sport equipment

One app to play them all

PLADDO provides a variety of sport disciplines to choose from. From golf, through hockey to volleyball. No matter you are an amateur or pro-athlete, you will find something for yourself.

Money thrown into the piggy bank

Earn as you rent

PLADDO is a new way for facility owners to promote their services and make themselves visible for modern, tech-savvy sport enthusiasts.

Team spirit

We are a group of sport passionates who learned the hard way, that it’s a serious problem to find people, place and time to organize a basketball game. What was worse, we couldn’t have found a suitable solution. That’s why we created our own!

Group of friends solve problems